I just wanted a website to record my dreams. Other then that, Screw Tumblr.

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I know that feeling, Lisa.

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    I know that feeling, Lisa.

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    If They Could Tranform by Darren Rawlings / Blog / Tumblr

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    It’s nights when I can’t go to sleep. I think about you the most. I miss my nigga C.D. I can’t wait to cross paths with you again buddy.


    03/13/2014 “So That’s How Crystal Meth Feels”

    This was a very in-depth and fun dream. Im going to skip all of the details. Apparantly, my friend Peter wanted to throw a giant pool party at my house and apparantly it was off the hook. I dont remember the pool party but their was videos of it. When I was fully concious of my dream, they already set up a donation plan to fund thr completion of the swimming pool. Apparantly, the pool wasnt completly finished but the party was still fun. Many weird happenings in this dream. Going to far places with my cousins and my friends trying to follow us but end up getting lost. A girl from my high school I never really talked to but is super pretty appears and a whole bunch of other mishaps. The best part was my neighbor coming over with a couple of cookies and asked me to deliver it. He said they were laced with Crystal Meth. He said just the Chocolate chip one though. So I took a quick nibble off the other cookie and it hit me. It felt soo real. My whole world was spinning. Everything got heavy and light at the same time. I felt like flying even though I was grounded. It was pretty trippy. I guess thats how Crystal Meth feels.


    01/17/2014 “Best Dream In A Long While”

    This dream was pretty intense. When I woke up, my position was all contorted and my pillows were on the floor. The dream started with me and my friend Sabrina. We haven’t hung out in a while and decided to do so in the wilderness. It kind of look liked the hills of Evergreen but much more wild and in touch with nature. We just laid down and looked at the stars. It was conpletely dark but beautiful. In the distance, we see a light and it looked like we wern’t alone. We tried to keep quiet but we all notice each other. It was a small group of white people hunting something. We talked a little bit but went our seperate ways. We end up at a slightly lighted up campsite and we just chill for a little bit. Out of nowhere a small wild bull just comes out of nowhere and mauls itself into Sabrina! I was in shock…in reality I wanted to kick that bulls ass but my dream self took forever to move. She did a great job on her own getting away from the bull than I started wrestling it off of her. It ran away and then little did I know, that was just the start. Maybe a few seconds later this giant scary ass looking bull came charging right at us. We narrowly avoided it and the group of white people came to film it but im not exactly sure what they were doing. The bull just stomped the shit out of one of them then wild pigs started to appear. Trying to trample all of us. Yeah, this dream is fucking weird. After all these shenanigans were over it still got worst. A group of thugs came rolling up and shot all the white people and took me hostage. I have no idea where Brina ended up but I know from the end of my dream that she is safe despite being trampled by a baby bull. I get kidnapped and thrown into the car. This is where the dream gets a little trippy. Im still a prisoner and I end up in a university. Too escape, I have to stay in for a class. I see my Uncle and discussed some school subject with him than out of nowhere, he tells the whole class to turn in their papers. Im like wtf?? Your the teacher? And eventually walk around the campus and I see those white people that got shot earlier. Im confused as hell but I wanted to take a picture with them so I can show Brina that they were still alive!! They delay and delay and we eventually took pictures. The only problem was it wasnt my phone because my batteries were dead due to the wasted time and I didnt have their phone numbers. The part that made me sad was I wasn’t able to take a picture. Then I woke up.



    Classic covers by Nick Cardy, who passed aged 93, Nov 3rd 2013. R.I.P. 

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    Bruce Timm

    Best intro in television history.

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    THREE SHAKES OF A LAMB'S TAIL: IQ test measuring creativity? No bueno →


    Two different types of thinking:

    1) convergent thinking - involves “converging” on the best answer to a problem

    2) divergent thiking - coming up with a variety of ideas or solutions to a problem when there is no single correct answer

    IQ test only measure convergent thinking and fail to…

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    Know that I miss: Your ugly ass laugh, your big booty, your ugly ass grammar in text, your crinkling nose, your nice boobies and most importantly, I miss you. It just sucks it will never work out. That’s life I guess.